Frequently Asked Questions

Common Questions

  • Which Social Networks Do You Support?

    Our tasks support a broad range of social networks including Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, Spotify, YouTube, Apple and others.

  • Which Music Services Do You Support?

    We support tasks on the Spotify, Dezeer and Apple services.

  • What Language Do You Currently Support?

    The platform can support any number of different languages. Currently English, German, French, Portuguese (Brazil) and Spanish are supported.

  • What Payment Methods Are Accepted?

    We accept credit cards, Paypal, corporate PO's and the occasional IOU as forms of payment.

  • Do You Offer Non-Profit Discounts?

    Yes, we offer discounts for non-profits. Please contactd us at: info@metablocks.com for more information.

  • Who do I try the Platform?

    Contact us at info@metablocks.com and we will provision an account for you.

  • What Types of Plans are Available?

    We support a broad range of plans including month/tiered plans, enterprise plans as wel as pay per campaign plans. Contact us for more info: info@metablocks.com

  • What's the difference between contests & sweepstakes?

    Contests are based on either merit or still, while sweepstakes are purely random.

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